About Us

Virtual Office New York

Manhattan Virtuals was established as a leading provider of professional business identity & virtual office programs in the New York City area. Our goal is to create a solid first impression for your business and same visibility as your big name competitors - giving your company an immediate market presence.

With our New York Virtual Office programs give your company specific advantages:

  • Creates a solid first impression with customers & vendors
  • Less expensive alternative to traditional full time office space
  • Minimal start-up capital with no equipment to buy
  • Immediate market presence
  • Complete flexibility for your business

We differentiate ourselves from our competitor by extending the virtual office past traditional communications systems and through the use of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Systems that use VoIP allow remote workers the same functions they would have were they working in an office environment. Calls can be transferred, conference calls hosted, all from a location other than a physical office space hardwired to a phone system.

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